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The Spanish word ‘Mimar’ stands for pampering, pampering yourself. That is what I wish you with a visit to my lifestyle store in Santanyí.

I have lovingly selected everything for you to see, smell and feel in the store. All items are hand-picked, unique and of high quality. My intention is your senses to be stimulated in my store. You will see the beautiful lifestyle items around you, smell the scent of essential oils and hear nice music in the background. I invite you to stroll through the store, enjoy and gain inspiration. The perfect atmosphere to find the perfect gift for yourself and/or a loved one.


It is not easy to describe what is exactly my store’s range. But I know one thing for sure: among my unique items you will always find something to pamper yourself and/or your loved ones. The range changes weekly because I am always looking for the most beautiful and nicest items. Be sure to check out my Instagram where I post updates almost daily @mimarlifestyle

You find at Mimar:

Home decoration and vintage furniture. Timeless clothing made from natural fabrics: organic cotton, silk and linen. Swimwear, lingerie and yoga wear. Organic skin care products, herbal remedies and herbal teas. Crystals, smudges, palo santo and other ritual tools. The most beautiful (handmade) jewelry. Soy wax candles with essential oils and crystals. Vintage clothing.

The products come from: Mallorca, Ibiza, Amsterdam, France, Denmark, Sweden, Bali, Goa, Himalaya, Costa Rica and Nepal.


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My name is Kirsten Sproet (Kiki), born in 1974 in the Netherlands. I live on Mallorca since 2000 and enjoy the positive vibes and wonderful lifestyle here. The climate, the food and the authentic atmosphere on the island make me happy. Here I feel at home and I can be myself.

I am a free soul and love to connect and have deep conversations with other like minded people I started my Mimar store in Santanyí in May 2010. With the store I can share my passion for beautiful, real, high-quality items with others. The store is my life’s work, my life and work. I speak Dutch, German, English and Spanish.

My Mimar day


since 2010

Mimar is located in Santanyí, in an old town house that we have renovated ourselves over the years. The store has 2 floors, a dreamy patio and a balcony. Spread over 3 different retail spaces, I present a nice range of different unique products. The shop will surprise you everytime you come to visit me because I buy on a small scale and like variety.


A visit to Santanyí is always a good choice when staying in Mallorca. The village is cozy and charming. On Wednesdays and Saturdays there is the popular market in the village and it is pleasantly busy here. If you prefer to have it more relaxed , it is better to come by on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, the more quiet days in town.

If you come to Santanyí, you can also visit one of the many beautiful surrounding azure bays in the afternoon, such as: Calo des moro, Cala sa nau, Cala Santanyí, Cala Llombards, and Cala S ‘Amarador.

In Santanyí I can recommend the following restaurants for a delicious lunch: Gra (vegan), Laudat, Re-sen, La nouvelle familia, and East 26. Other beautiful villages nearby are: Cala Figuera, Porto Colom and Cala d’ Or .





The store is open all year round from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. High season: Tuesday to Saturday. Mid-season: Wednesday to Saturday. Low-season: Wednesday and Saturday. We spend the afternoons working behind the scenes and to enjoy the beautiful island ourselves. Check my Google profile for the always up-to-date opening hours. A large number of my clients live here on Mallorca. This gives me the right to exist. But also tourists find their way to my shop through online recommendations or articles in magazines. Navigate to Carrer del Bisbe Verger 25 in Santanyí. A parking spot can always be found somewhere nearby.

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